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Reasonable planning of Cattle Yard Fence


The reasonable planning of Cattle Yard Fence should consider the following factors:

1. Production materials: Cattle Yard Fence can use materials such as wire mesh, wooden poles, iron wire, and steel pipes to produce. To ensure durability, it is recommended to choose suitable materials.

Cattle Yard Fence height: The height and jumping ability of cows should be taken into consideration. It should be ensured that cows cannot skip Cattle Yard Fence.

3. Power grid: Using the power grid can more effectively control the movement of cows. The power grid should be installed on the outside of Cattle Yard Fence to prevent cows from being trapped between the grid and Cattle Yard Fence.

4. The strength of Cattle Yard Fence: Cattle Yard Fence should be strong enough to withstand the impact of cows and other activities.

5. View of Cattle Yard Fence: Cattle should be able to see the edges of Cattle Yard Fence. This helps them understand their distance and reduce collisions.

6. Ventilation: Cattle Yard Fence should be planned to allow for air and light leisure activities to maintain comfort and hygiene.

7. Maintenance of Meadows: To prevent cattle from damaging the lawn or grassland, excellent maintenance of the lawn or grassland should be considered.

8. Open space: Ensure there is sufficient space within the cattle farm. Regarding large cattle farms, different areas should be provided to ensure that cows can move freely.

9. Safety: The planning of Cattle Yard Fence should consider many aspects of safety, such as anti slip, rust prevention, corrosion prevention, etc.

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