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358 High Security Fence Brief Introduction


358 overview of anti climbing guardrail net

The 358 fence (also known as the 358 network security isolation, anti climbing safety nets, anti collision, crawl net, steel net prison wall) is a piece of welding net structure with high strength and high density. 358 said from the special guardrail net mesh size and the wire diameter, 3 "x 0.5" x8#, converted: 76.2mm x 12.7mm x mm 4mm (x high x long hole hole diameter).358 fence hole because of its small and dense, to the maximum extent, prevent and climb, environmental protection safe around you, so it is the high security perimeter protection sites such as a prison, a type of border fence isolation is very popular.

358 steel mesh wall mesh commonly used specifications

358, high safety, anti climbing guardrail network, there are two main specifications:

1, 358: mesh 72.6mmX12.7mm; wire diameter: 4mm (3, x, 0.5, x, 8#)

2, 3510: mesh 72.6mmX12.7mm, silk warp is 3mm (3, x, 0.5, x, 10#)

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